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Footlogix offers fast effective footcare treatment using the latest patented professional endorsed technology for general foot problems such as dry cracked feet, dry skin, hard rough skin and cracked heels. Footlogix is different from other footcare creams, these fast aborbing mousse products are suitable for diabetics, runners, walkers, sports fans, beauty seekers and home pedicures.

Footlogix also offers a callus softener and a quality foot file to help with the removal of hard callused skin. This combined with the fast absorbing mousse, can help keep your feet in good condition in between visits to your foot care professional.

Caring for your feet has never been easier. Footlogix – your way to healthy happy feet.

How Footlogix Works
A growing number of dermatologists, footcare and diabetes specialists agree that dry skin requires deep moisturisation as an effective treatment, not oils or creams that sit on the surface of the skin.

The innovative Footlogix range with patented Dermal Integration Technology meets those needs.

Caring for your feet has never been easier. Footlogix – your way to happy, healthy feet!

How Footlogix works:
  • Delivers the active ingredients deep into the layers of the epidermis, giving longer lasting results
  • As the skin exfoliates, new layers that surface are already hydrated
  • Increases elasticity & helps support healthy skin so it can perform its function of protection (reducing risk of dryness, cracks)
  • No greasy residue – allows the skin to transpire normally